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I am an Inspirational speaker who sanctions her audience with new knowledge, researched findings and tools that they can instantly apply in their personal lives or careers to achieve “life-altering” results.

My keynote talks:

Why are my presentations of interest or relevance?

When your business / personal life has hit a plateau and you are suffering from “dead air” - same market, same work, same strategy and same results– you need to radically shift their behaviours to improve results. I work on changing your thought processes; I work on dealing with core human issues that are preventing a break through. I change the face of the company to create a stronger brand power by changing the pattern of their human capital. I also touch on social ills that may create an unhealthy working environment.

How would I describe my delivery style as a presenter?

I am inspirational speaker, exceedingly moving. I am that shock element that you can’t ignore! I speak my mind and make you break down to the core the deal with the BARE truth! I delivered my first professional talk in 2012. Over the past 6 years I have been gracing the all kinds of stages with my humour, realness & thought-provoking content. I have the ability to deliver a serious message whilst keeping an audience enthused and inspired. I am very relatable and open about issues, which makes my delivery impactful and life changing.

What makes me different to other speakers in my field?


Conferences today are no-longer “convenient get-togethers”. They are strategic events where conversations must link to and determine strategic direction for the year. Speakers can no longer be entertainers & thought provocateurs but must also have the scars of business war to impart true wisdom. I am different because I bear these scars. I serve as a Social Activist, Businesswoman and a walking billboard full of inspiration and positivity.

Why use me?

I am the best at what I do! I am the real deal. I walk and talk my truth plus my latest book is all that you need and more.

I am a stimulating speaker. I am equally comfortable speaking to businesses and business leaders at the highest level as well as to ordinary workers at the factory.

Topics of keynotes:

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