Thick Fit

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I grew up struggling with self-validation and low self-esteem. Although I was an active teenager, I never saw myself as beautiful or lovable. My dark-yet-light skin tone failed me, as I could never be dark enough to have dark chocolate beauty, and never light enough to be a “goldbone/ yellowbone” as our famously hilarious Penny Penny would say it. It felt like there was always something missing in me.

It was hard because I had the exterior of a lion but the heart of a church mouse. Which always comes out when I am around kids or helping others.

When certain things changed in my life, I thought I knew how to hide it well; however, my pain was reflected in the weight I would drastically gain. That pushed me over the edge at times: seeing the fat me – unloved, homeless and hopeless.

I had to find a way to save myself. I really didn’t like talking about my internal wars so my battle would be waged in the kitchen. I would eat all that I could to mask my pain… until one day when someone came to me and said,
“Jackie, your scars are evident in that oversized t-shirt! Your skin has turned grey and faking a smile has only made you uglier. If I were you I would SAVE MYSELF.”

The self rescue had began…

That was a wake-up call! I started training and jogging and then moved on to weight-lifting, which I find extremely good fun. My good friend Lita Lewis, an American fitness guru, encouraged me to take my fitness journey into my own hands. I looked to her for inspiration and that was the beginning of our THICK FIT movement.

THICK FIT has saved my life many times. I can meditate and pray while I train. I have cried on the treadmill or in the gym swimming pool many times, in pain from my rape, losing my babies, losing my mother, and more recently losing my long-term partner.

I cry about achieving the smallest thing or losing the biggest thing. But in all that, I have regained control over my life.

I’ve watched the weight melt off and my life has a core of stability and peace. That also gave me the confidence to go back to school and study LAW, continue my journey with my business partners at MoFaya Beverage Company and continue writing books.

The Thick Fit Movement

There is a new kind of sexy, the type of physique many desire yet are scared to embrace. Africans have the most attractive figures in the world, yet we are made to believe we are ugly. I helped create a movement that women love and I gave it an empowering name: THICK FIT.

Some call it the inner YOU

Many people make the mistake of thinking that Thick Fit is purely physical— being “thick” — but it’s about so much more than that. It’s about taking full ownership of the skin we’re in and the bodies that we’re born with, and learning to love our selves unconditionally. Loving your self and wanting to look better are not mutually exclusive, but you’ll never be happy if what you want is to look like someone else.

I train with women from all walks of life and help them fight depression, anxiety and other personal demons. This movement is about more than training to look sexy on social media – we are ultimately redefining how we are perceived.

Healthy bodies create stronger minds and unstoppable humans!

Live Fit!

This is my story now go live your best life