Phamotse & Company

Our Profile

Phamotse and Co. is a Publishing and consulting company, that has given birth to all of Jackie Phamotse’s books and aids as a holding company for all her intellectual property. In addition to selling and distributing its own imprints, Phamotse’s & Company provides a wide range of custom services to third-party publishers, such as distribution, fulfilment, digital and sales services.

We also render indie writers and private companies the following services:

• Publishing consulting
• Marking strategies for writers and speakers
• Digitals strategies

Our Mision

• The mission of Phamotse & Co. is:
• To Publish Great Books that speaks to Africans.

Our Vision

• To be the #1 destination for authors, agents, customers, client publishers, and employees.
• To be a respected publisher that values diversity, nurtures talent, rewards success, and honors its responsibilities.
• To be market focused in all we do, and to lead change in popular culture.
• To anticipate change, foster creativity, and encourage risk-taking and innovation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Phamotse & Co. Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe strongly in the importance of engaging in sustainable business practices. We have created standards of operation and put policies in place to help ensure the long-term wellbeing of the natural world and its resources, the continued growth of a literate community, and the strength of our company. To that end, we are pleased to share the details of our environmental policy and our philanthropic efforts, which you may read below.

Our Philanthropic Programs:

Phamotse & Co. supports organizations dedicated to promoting literacy and a love of books and reading. We are wholeheartedly devoted to fostering a robust publishing industry, while also attending to the serious issue of illiteracy in this country.
At Phamotse & Co. we focus our philanthropic efforts primarily on the following areas:

Trade organizations, which keep the book business healthy and reading central to our lives.

Literacy organizations, which help teach an invaluable skill.

Author assistance groups, giving authors in need the support to practice their craft.

First Amendment rights groups, which help protect free speech and expression here and around the world.

Cultural organizations that help spread the word about books and reading.

Book Donations — we donate more than 1000 copies annually, from a single signed copy for a fundraiser to large quantities for a struggling school district or library system.

All requests for financial and book donations are handled by Phamotse & Co. Communications department. If you feel that your organization or cause is in line with our goals of supporting literacy and a love of reading, please send all requests to